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As we battle through the last full lockdown (it has to be doesn’t it?) and what is a very challenging period for all of us we remain unsure of what will happen from day to day. As a school we need to ensure that learning can always continue no matter what the virus is doing!  As parents you are doing an amazing job of supporting the children with their learning and ensuring that they are attending class albeit from home. Together we can minimize the impact of the school closures!


Teachers are teaching a full day of lessons live from school or home each day. The pupils will have access to the whole curriculum, although adaptations may have to be made bearing in mind the resources needed and what is likely to be in the home. All parents have the daily timetables of what is being taught and when. You have the necessary login in details for our learning platforms most of which will be Google Classroom.


To help everyone:

Please ensure where possible that the children log in at the right time so that they do not miss the introduction to the lesson.

Please ensure they have the necessary equipment with them.

Please ensure that they do their work and return it to the teacher for marking.


Teachers will be available all day with the exception of break and lunch to help out if children are stuck, where parents are working themselves or where children have difficulty because of shared technology in the home. It is difficult we know, so please do not worry we will be here all day so no child should miss out.


Teachers will always be available via email to answer any questions you may have.


Where it is not possible to access technology at home and resources cannot be provided from elsewhere the school will provide paper copies which can be collected from the school office.


Whilst learning is online it might be an idea to encourage your child to read more books, practise a bit of handwriting each day, learn their times tables and add a few spellings to the dinner table!


Together we can always keep the learning going and the friendship and support strong!


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