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As we continue through a very challenging period for all of us we remain unsure of what will happen from day to day. As a school we need to be ready for any eventuality so that learning can always continue no matter what the virus is doing!


If your child is off from school because they are unwell, they will not be set any work.


If they are off because they are self-isolating or awaiting test results please check ItsLearning or Google Classroom (depending on which your child’s class is using whilst we transition from one to the other). Your child’s class teacher will leave a message for you pointing towards The National Academy (formerly the Oak Academy) directing you to the units compatible to what is being taught in class, as well as elements of our own curriculum - especially maths.


Once on the website, the instructions are very clear but for your information you need to go to:

  • Subjects
  • Key stage
  • Click on the subject your child’s class teacher has asked them to do, e.g. Geography
  • Click on the topic your child’s class teacher has asked them to do, e.g. Oceans and Seas

Once on there, you will find videos of lessons being taught by teachers and activities or quizzes for your child to do. Start with Lesson 1 and ask your child to work their way through. They are taught units so children should be able to do them without adult supervision. (But please ask them to pace themselves so that they don’t do a whole unit in one day. They also need to vary the lessons so that each day they do a mixture just as they would in school).

Please don’t use the schedule tab to do the timetabled lessons as these lessons might not relate to what it being taught in class. Occasionally your child’s class teacher may find something more suitable on a different website such as the BBC but they will make this clear on the ItsLearning or Google Classroom account.

Your child’s class teacher will also look for opportunities to bring your child into the classroom for live lessons via Zoom or Google Meet whenever possible so that they maintain contact with their peers. The important thing is that your child’s teacher will try very hard to match the work at home with the work in school.

If a whole bubble is forced to close for any reason your child’s class teacher will teach them via ItsLearning or Google Classroom - unless they themselves are sick, in which case you will be directed to the National Academy.

Teachers will always be available via email to answer any questions you may have.

Together we can always keep the learning going and the friendship and support strong!

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