Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 is always very busy at St Thomas More’s! We have extra roles and responsibilities throughout the school, especially those associated with our Buddies in Reception; making sure they get to know our school and always have a special friend when needed.  In the summer term we spend a week on a residential trip taking part in adventurous activities and exploring the local area. We work hard, but have fun along the way!

Travelling through the ages we begin our 'Communication' topic in the Stone Age, examining some of the earliest examples of communication through art. We investigate how palaeontologists and archaeologists have discovered information about the daily life of Early Man. We also look at how developments in mark making led to the first alphabets and we explore codes and messages. Modern technologies transport us quickly back to methods of communication that we are more familiar with.

Do you know who you are? Where do you get your eye colour from? Can you roll your tongue? These are just a few of the questions we try to answer in our topic “Who do you think you are?”.

Inspired by Jules Verne, our ‘Journey around the World’ enables us to explore the seven continents: plotting adventures, scaling mountains, floating along lazy rivers or racing rapids. The final destination is anyone’s guess!  But we can’t travel on our own – we need some companions to help us along the way.

Will we break any records?  Can we rise to the challenge? Our final topic focus is decided by us.  Which records are we interested in? How can we prepare for the challenge mentally and physically? What training is needed to ensure we are fit and healthy before we attempt to break some records?

To celebrate our journey through primary school together, at the end of the school year we look back at just how far we have come during our time at St Thomas More’s.  We finish the year with our Year 6 Performance and all our Leavers’ Celebrations, before we say Good Luck and Goodbye to all our friends!


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