Welcome to Year 5

Our journey through year five starts in the twentieth century with a study of World War Two. We discover what it was like to be evacuated through our discovery of a sealed room in our convent building that seems to have been frozen in time and through making gas masks, experiencing bomb shelters and looking at the book Carrie’s War. We learn how some countries’ borders change over time and why this happens. We also discover pre-decimal currency, what it looks like and how to count it. 

In the second half of Autumn term all year 5 children have an opportunity to visit Aylmerton Field Study Centre in Norfolk for a four day residential visit. Here we can polish up on our knowledge of World War Two and, for some of us, learn what it is like to be away from home for a few days.

Moving on to Spring term we take our learning about the V2 rockets and the geography of the Earth and use them to venture farther afield when we study ‘Earth, Above and Below’. Through the film Apollo 13, our study of Newton, Galileo and Copernicus and a trip to the Science Museum we work our way through our solar system and beyond. We also take some time to look at ‘Forces’ and we design all manner of things including a rocket to send a blu-tack man into space and something to prevent an egg from breaking when it is subjected to the force of gravity.

Summer term in year five starts with a study of the first great civilization of Ancient Egypt. We mummify tomatoes and discover why ancient Egypt was the best place for the mummification process. We make masks similar to the one discovered by Howard Carter in the tomb of Tutankhamun. We finish off our year looking back over it and putting everything we have learnt into the topic of ‘Being a Global Citizen’. Here we learn what it takes to be peacemakers, how the Earth needs protecting and think about our place in it.

We are a very busy class where the year seems to fly by! We learn a lot but, above all else we have fun.




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