Welcome to Year 4

In Year 4 we enjoy all our new and exciting topics! In the autumn term we study Invaders and Settlers which encompasses Britain during the times of the Anglo- Saxons and Vikings up until ‘The Battle of Hastings’. After studying about this and compiling our battle stories we make axes, bows and arrows, swords shields and even horses before acting out the bloody battle on the school field! While doing this we also look at countries around the world during our fair trade day and when exploring some of the countries that the Vikings travelled to.

With the arrival of spring our topic becomes Entertainment where we look at film in the ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ portion of the topic and theatre in ‘Treading the Boards’. We venture on a journey through time to the golden age of Hollywood. The children will study iconic figures such as Charlie Chaplin and eventually write, star, direct and edit their own silent movies. The part in this topic that we look forward to with relish is the very glamorous Oscar’s ceremony. We invite parents, for drinks, snacks and even a photo shoot before settling down for the suspense and drama of the awards ceremony! In ‘Treading the Boards’ we look further back into history and study the works of Shakespeare and the history of theatre, including theatre across the world. This allows the children to write poetry like Witches and make shadow puppets.

Our summer topic is Ancient Greece and is a great chance to look at the impact this civilization has had on the world we live in today. We look at poetry, create our own myths and even explain how to look after some of the beasts that you might hear about in those myths! As well as this the children have the opportunity to go swimming and practise their athletics ready for sports day.

In Year 4 we all work to the best of our abilities in order to achieve. We relish challenges and are very enthusiastic about quizzes and competitions that give us the chance to test ourselves against others.



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