Welcome to Year 3

In the autumn term, we learn about ancient history by looking at the Romans and the Roman invasion of Britain. This includes the founding of Rome, its expansion and what life was like in the Roman Empire. We also learn about Iron Age Britain and the Celts who were living there at the time.  We investigate the Roman army, design our own shields and even try out some formation marching using the real Roman army commands in Latin!  Alongside our Roman topic, we learn about Roald Dahl and explore many of his books. This helps us to create our own characters and stories. We look closely at ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ and design and make our own chocolate!


In the spring term, we investigate the world of flight. We look at the history of flight and all the different ways of flying. This helps us to use our imagination to fly off to various exciting destinations. This term is full of fun design and technology activities including paper aeroplane making and parachuting eggs! We also visit the Essex Air Ambulance station and the airfield at the Anglian Flight Centre to learn more about helicopters and planes. Later in the term we look at other inventions from the past and create our own new inventions.


In the summer term, we get to be very energetic and learn about the history of different types of sports and hobbies. Through the topic of ‘Summer, Summer Time’ we investigate the origins of different forms of dancing and playground games from the past. We have to follow instructions carefully as we then have to write an instructional guide to teach other children how to play these games.


Throughout the year we have a variety of different scientific investigations to learn about forces and magnets, rocks, light, healthy eating and plants.  In French we use fun games and songs to learn greetings, the days of the week, the months of the year and how to say when our birthday is.



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