Welcome to Year 1

In Year 1 we enjoy learning through practical activities and love being in the outdoor environment.


In the autumn term we travel back in time and go walking with dinosaurs!  We make our own dinosaur eggs, fossils and bones and also go on dinosaur digs where we patiently excavate our fossils to create our own skeletons, just like Mary Anning.  We learn about all the various dinosaurs; what they ate, how they moved, their similarities and differences and compare these to humans and animals we know today.  Later in the term we use maps and atlases to locate the various continents where fossils have been found and look at how the world has changed since the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. 


In the spring term we travel to infinity and beyond!  We explore different materials and decide on the best material to design and build our own rocket and moon buggy.  We look at non-fiction texts and carry out our own research on the first man who travelled to the moon.  We compose our own fact file about the launch and make a timeline of his life.  Our classroom role play area is transformed into a NASA space station and we write a recount of our experiences in space.


In the summer term we learn about holidays.  We compare seaside holidays today with the holidays our great-great-grandparents may have taken.  We study old photographs of local beach resorts and compare these to landmarks in the present day, explore different pastimes and traditions and then end the year making our own puppets and performing our own Punch and Judy shows.  For the first half of the summer term we explore the outside world and learn about the different plants in our area, visiting local sites to identify different species.  We study different seeds, experiment with the various conditions needed to grow healthy plants and then have a go at being gardeners, turning our classroom into a greenhouse full of flora and fauna.


In Year 1 we work hard and always try our best!  We enjoy our practical learning experiences and are enthusiastic about learning new things, but above all else we have fun.



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