Welcome to Reception

In the autumn term we start out in our new class by finding out about 'Ourselves' and each other, making lots of new friends on the way! We also meet our Buddies from Year 6 who help and support us.

Having learnt what makes us tick, we then look into the world 'Under the Sea'. We read a variety of stories and find out all about whales and other weird and wonderful creatures.

Heading towards Christmas we investigate traditional tales in our topic of 'Stories and Celebrations'. We end the term finding out about the greatest story and celebration of Christmas, retelling the events surrounding the birth of Jesus.

In the spring term we take a look at 'Toys'. We use our research skills to find out about toys in the past and compare them to the toys we play with now. Then we look at 'Growth and Change'. We plant all sorts of seeds and bulbs and wait patiently to see what happens – a bit like Jasper in 'Jasper’s Beanstalk' by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen.

In the summer term we venture off into space to have lots of adventures. We learn about the planets and even meet an alien who needs lots of help, not to mention a passport!

We end the year on a beach surrounded by pirates! It’s okay though because most of them are friendly pirates.

Over the year we read lots of stories, we learn how to find out more about things and we complete lots of challenges, but most of all we have fun!


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