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A colourful message from all the staff at St Thomas More's. 

We hope you enjoy it!

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Headteacher's Message

Welcome back! 

It is fabulous to see everyone again after the long school closure and although it may not be ‘business as usual’ it will be as normal as we can safely make it. We have missed everyone so much therefore we wanted to ensure a safe return so that we can keep going without further disruption.


We have one way systems in place, staggered start/finish, strict bubble arrangements, limited staff crossing over classes, hand washing routines, increased cleaning, limited shared resources, careful seating arrangements, staggered breaks, lunch in classrooms, no shared areas. The children are asked not to bring anything in other than their reading book, a water bottle and a packed lunch in disposable wrappings.


The children will have experienced a very different life in recent months so our first job as a school is to bring all those experiences together to help them to settle into the new routines and relationships both in a new class and in a pandemic. 


For the foreseeable future visitors to the school will be extremely limited in number. If you are a parent at the school please email or call the school if you need to speak to someone. We can easily arrange a telephone conversation with the teachers if this is necessary or pass messages on.


If you are a prospective parent to the school we will not be doing our usual tours of the school that show how wonderful the school is, you will not get an opportunity to see the fantastic teaching in action nor will you get the chance to see the utterly amazing children we have at the school. You can take my word for it (I have been here quite a long time!) or better still try and find a current parent to ask. Either way you will not be disappointed.


Keep praying, keep safe.

Bridget Harris

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