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Ethos & Values

As a Catholic Primary School we offer an education that is not different from other Schools but one that is “distinctive”.  It is an education that is based on the teachings of Christ, and that is within a worshipping community, with moral values that respect the individual.


We will offer a high standard of education, including: 

  • emphasis on Religious Education and Worship
  • a community living and promoting the teachings of the Church
  • emphasis given to the value of respect for others
  • a partnership of home, school and Parish
  • an education that is Holy
  • the care and well being of the individual and family
  • the values of our mission to heal and reconcile as a process in educating and living
  • a staff that base their teaching on our mission statement.

All of these provide a basis for an education at St. Thomas More’s that is “distinctive”, an education that will reinforce and nurture those beliefs and actions that we as a School share with our Parish and homes.  

To find out more about our local parish please click here.                                                                                                           


School Admissions
Admissions for September 2021


Our Admissions Criteria can be found below.
Determined Admissions Criteria 2021-22
Admission and Appeal timetable 2021-22

Applying for a place in Reception

As well as applying directly through Essex County council, your application must include the following (where applicable).

1 A copy of your child's Birth Certificate

2 A copy of your child's Baptismal Certificate

3 A certificate of Catholic Practice. (This will come from the Parish Priest. Please keep a look out for the dates the Priest will sign these forms, published in the Church newsletter.)

4 A Supplementary information form, available below.

Supplementary Information Form 2021-22

These four documents MUST be supplied directly to the school by the closing date for Admissions, January 15th, 2021.  It is your responsibility to ensure your application is complete and correct and submitted on time. Any incomplete application may alter its classification within the school's published admissions criteria. 

Mid-Year applications

Mrs Sawyer, our Admissions Officer can be contacted on

Supplementary information forms for mid-year applications can be found here. 
Mid-Year Supplementary Information Form

Please supply this form with a copy of Birth Certificate, Baptism Certificate and Certificate of Catholic Practice if applicable. This will enable us to determine ranked admission for our waiting list.

Determined Admission Arrangements for Entry in 2022-2023

Determined Admissions Criteria 2022-23
Supplementary Information Form 2022-2023

To visit the Essex County Council admissions section click here


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